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Personal Finance Budget Planner

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Personal Finance Budget Planner

how many times you asked yourself where has all my money gone? you know, no matter how much money you earn, you might find yourself in debts, and this is due to spending without control. some people have a filling that they have unlimited supply of money in their bank account, they are just passing their credit card and think they can buy everything they like. but one day they came to a point where they understand that something has to be done with their budget planning.

i have seen all kind of personal budget planners. i thought maybe the budget planner will somehow give me more money in the pocket. well i guess not. The bottom line is: a paper personal budget planner will work as well as a fancy computerized one. It isn't about how the personal budget planner looks, its about using it. and for most people it is something we don't really like to do, either with personal budget planner or without it.
so it seems like i must live according to my budget. and if i know my budget, i can tell what i need to change in my money spending. a personal budget planner can track my immediate monetary sources, and can help me achieve my financial goals.

For me, the problem wasn't the personal budget planner that I used. it has no problems with it. i thought that my problem used to be that I simply did not use my personal budget planner enough. years ago I was making a lot of money working full time job. I was living above my means. But my means were so great that use of my personal budget planner was not really necessary. but as now i retired and receive only pension allowance. i know that my problem was not that I wasn't making good use of my personal budget planner.

I felt like I was broke, and always some bills or other payments hanging over me and disturbing my sleep, and i was in some kind of deep trouble. It took me a while to realize that my problems had nothing to do with the personal budget planner. My problems has a lot to do with me making very little money, however. It was then that I knew that I needed to take a second job to really balance my budget. After a lot of looking, I found a job that pays the bills. i found a part time job with less salary, Now, even when I do neglect my personal budget planner for a week or so, it is okay. You see, I still have some money in my budget to plan!

Alladin is a developer and publisher of Personal Finance Budget where he provides more information on how A Personal Finance Budget Keeps Your Money Organized

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