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Origins of the Bread Pudding Recipe

The original bread pudding recipe comes from the need to reclaim stale bread and make it eatable again This was a necessity for the poor living in the twelve hundreds They could not afford to let any scrape be thrown out all must be eaten During that time

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Fairbanks Community Food Bank launches homemade bread drive

Sun, 09 Nov 2014 07:24:14 -0800

FAIRBANKS — A wonderful smell has permeated the third floor of the Jimmy Huntington Building lately. It’s the smell of baking bread.

How to make the perfect grilled cheese sandwich

Wed, 05 Nov 2014 02:56:25 -0800

Fluffy Mighty White or the fuller texture of artisan sourdough? Taleggio, Teifi or prepacked slices? And what is the best way to cook your sandwich: grill, griddle, frying pan or toastie machine? Before you dive below the line to scoff at the cheek of publishing a recipe for something as basic as a simple cheese toastie, consider this. Any idiot with a frying pan can make a grilled cheese ...

From the Rubenstein: A 1946 Recipe for Goblin Sandwiches

Fri, 31 Oct 2014 09:06:25 -0700

Adolph Levitt was the developer of the automatic donut making machine and father of the modern American donut industry. In 1920 he founded the Doughnut Machine Company to make and market the machine across the United States and to sell donuts under the name “Mayflower.”

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