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What Can You Add to a Banana Bread Recipe?
Michalis 'BIG Mike' Kotzakolios

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If you were searching for a banana bread recipe you will have no shortage of places to look. There are cookbooks you can buy and websites you can try. But, you may find that there are more recipes than you anticipated and that you will have to narrow them down by either trying a bunch or guessing based on the ingredients listed which ones you might like. Do not expect the websites to help you on that one. Each person who has submitted their recipe will be able to tell you why theirs is better than any other and how their family and friends love their banana loaf better than any one they have ever tried before. This is not vanity but simply pride in something that they have made themselves and seen others enjoy.

When you compare each banana bread recipe you will find that most of them share a few basic ingredients. They each use flour, butter or margarine, white or brown sugar, eggs and, of course, the most important ingredient mushy over ripe bananas. After this the recipes begin to diverge into the things that make them unique. For example, a creamier banana loaf uses cream cheese to give it that texture. Another kind of banana bread uses all the basics but adds slightly different spicing to give it a more interesting taste by using the addition of nutmeg, cinnamon and walnuts. Some recipes use sour cream to take away from what many people find is the excessive sweetness of the bread. Others eliminate the sugar and the butter, or butter substitute, to make for low calorie banana bread. The choices are endless with chocolate chip banana bread, maple or cinnamon banana loafs also being possibilities.

There are so many types of banana bread to make that it will take time to choose the banana bread recipe that you like the best. Keep in mind that if you have a bread machine you can make banana bread in it as well. The recipes will be slightly different but just as easy to find. So many people own these machines now that there are almost as many bread machine recipes as there are regular bread recipes.

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